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Welcome to Website Dedicated to Corrosion Fatigue and Acoustic Emission

The CorrosionFatigue group provides service in the theory/experiment of applied mechanics and material engineering. The team uses theoretical and experimental scientific knowledge and effective methods optimized with respect to solved issues and customer requirements. To see main reference projects of CorrosionFatigue group, go to Reference Projects section.

Since 1995, we have elaborated more than 200 documents including computational reports, research reports, technical studies, and expert's reports. The CorrosionFatigue team has extensive knowledge base covering electrochemical aspects of fatigue damage of stainless steel parts exposed to neutral water environments. For future damage diagnostics, the acoustic emission (AE) properties may be used with satisfactory response. Currently, our team is evaluating the AE applications in agriculture, wood control, and building protection. 


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Currently , we can provide the following services:

1. Applied Mechanics


a) Static Load of Constructions

  • Computations stress and deformations using engineering elasticity and FEA methods. 

  • Estimation of value allowable stress/defect.

  • Evaluation of brittle fracture resistance. 

  • Stress measurements&evaluation. 

b) Dynamic Load of Constructions

  • Modal properties of structure with respect to environment factors. 

  • Dynamic response. 

  • Strain during impact loading.

  • Evaluation of  process execution of mechanical quantities using correlation theory and  characteristic feature methods

  • Fatigue evaluation of  machine parts and assemblies.

  • Residual lifetime estimation. 

  • Estimation of vibration/seismic resistance of constructions. 

2. Material Engineering

  • Strength properties under static load. 

  • Fracture toughness under static and dynamic load. 

  • Low cycle fatigue: cyclic curve, Manson-Coffin curves, lifetime N versus PSWT curves, construction curves according to ASME. 

  • High cycle fatigue with outer environment factors evaluation. Includes simulation of load force, SCE potential, corrosion current noise, and acoustic emissions. 

  • Corrosion properties of materials in water environments, electrochemical noise measurements. 

  • Estimation of suitable material choice with respect to damages caused by fatigue, corrosion, abrasion, and cavitation including effect synergy aspects.

  • Estimation of used technology impact on product's lifetime and reliability. 

  • Proposals of optimal solutions and criteria for quality inspection ensuring minimal production cost and proper function/reliability.

  • Estimation of damage source - mechanical aspects, mechanical material properties, chemical analysis, metallographic/fractographic examination, fatigue, corrosion, and corrosion fatigue. 

  • Proposals of optimal finish methods delivering required resistance against damages caused by fatigue, corrosion, abrasion, and/or cavitation. 

3. Technical Condition of Structures - Monitoring and Diagnostics 

  • Based on measurements of stress, vibrations, acoustic emissions or other variables 

  • Elaborating a diagnostic device project.

  • Development of monitoring/diagnostic software tools. 

  • Development of technical equipment. 

  • Evaluation of acquired results, proposal of adequate measures for the operator.

3. Acoustic Emission Detection

  • Design/development of technical equipment (Dakel XEDO devices)

  • Monitoring of undergiong processes with relation to AE signals.

  • Eevaluation of results.

  • Consulting service.


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Note: Some of the publications listed below do not contain English summary. Click a blue entry to display PDF version of the article. Should you be interested in an article, let us know by e-mail


  • PRAŽÁK, M., LUKAŠOVSKÁ, M., VARNER, M.,: Protikorozní ochrana korozivzdorných ocelí ve vodách s obsahem chloridů. Strojírenství 30, 592, 1980.

  • PRAŽÁK, M., VARNER, M.,: Katodická ochrana nerezavějících ocelí v mořské vodě, Koroze a ochrana materiálu 24/1, str.8, 1980

  • PRAŽÁK, M., VARNER, M.,: Protikorozní ochrana dílců vodních turbin vyrobených z nerezavějící oceli ve vodách s obsahem chloridů. Informace ČSVTS ČKD Blansko, č.2, 1980, Blansko.


  • PRAŽÁK, M., VARNER, M.,: Cathodic protection on stainless steel in sea water, British Iron and Steel Institute, No.19535, January 1981


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  • VARNER, M.: Statistické vyhodnocování únavových zkoušek. Sborník ze semináře: Numerické metody ve fyzikální metalurgii, Brno, ČSAV - ÚFM Brno, 1988.


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  • VARNER, M.,: A diagnostic of repaired gates of the lock chamber at the Gabčíkovo power plant, SPECTRUM, No2, ČKD Blansko,1994

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  • VARNER, M., ŠŤASTNÝ, J., PŮLPITEL, L.,: Ausgewähte Beispiele der systematischen Rißprüfungen und Rißüberwachungen an Wasserkraftanlagen, Fachseminar Maschinentechnik Wasserkraft, Markersbach, Germany 1997.

















Reference Projects

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  • Lifetime estimation: structures exposed to wind load.

  • Lifetime estimation: box for connecting switch points exposed to railway wagon wheel impacts. 

  • Lifetime estimation: steel resonators in water environment 

  • Residual lifetime estimation: pressure lining part of penstock 

  • Reliability estimation: CASTOR container for spent nuclear fuel.  

  • Elaborating&verification of methods used to evaluate railway wagon wheel material.

  • Project and algorithm for diagnostics of lock chamber gate in the Gabcikovo system of hydro schemes

  • Methodology for diagnostics of structures loaded by wind.

  • Development of computation programs and actual computations of  pipe system hangings in the Temelín nuclear power plant.

  • Analysis of fatigue damage:  turbine blade, bearing of rolling mill, and bridge construction suspension bars

  • Experimental research: properties of glass-epoxy panel with expanded polystyrene core, epoxy-carbon mast, and aramid webbing with fasting strap

  • Cavitation occurrence tracking: flow control valve using acoustic emissions measurement.

  • Diagnostics of piping system valve defect.

Kontaktní informace

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Feel free to contact us for more information about our service scope and future cooperation. 

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